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The Armor of God
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What Others Are Saying

“Today’s spiritual battles are being won by those who have the knowledge and the tools to fight this battle effectively. David has been able to forge an excellent training tool in this book that will enable the Body of Christ to do what it was meant to do—overcome. I highly recommend this book as a high level training tool for all who desire to live victoriously.”

Pastor Ken Wilde

Senior Pastor, Capital Christian Center, Meridian, ID
Executive Director, National Prayer Center, Washington D.C

“The Armor of God is a tremendous piece of work! I don’t know that I have ever seen anything so comprehensive! I like the way it deals with theology issues from a Biblical point of view and then gives the practical steps for spiritual victory over the 'Evil One,' again using the scriptures as a foundation.”

Rev. Dr. John Guest

Rector, Senior Pastor, Christ Church at Grove Farm, Sewickley, PA

“I liked the study so much that I plan to teach it once a year to my congregation.”

Rev. Pete Giacalone

Senior Pastor, Rainbow Temple Assembly of God, McKeesport, PA

“David Skeba has taken great pains to make available a ‘Manual for Victory.’ I had the joy of sitting with him for hours providing feedback as he conscientiously approached this project with a real desire to see believers set free. I commend his work to those in search of greater levels of victory.”

Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr., Ph. D.

Senior Pastor, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
Presiding Bishop, Reconciliation Ministries International

“Like it or not we are in a spiritual warfare and it’s vital we end up on the winning side. David’s book, “The Armor of God,” can equip us to do just that. Here’s a thorough study of all we need to live victorious Christian lives for Christ.”

Rev. John Kuert
Senior Pastor, Evangel Heights Assembly of God, Sarver, PA

“We have added the 'Armor of God: Winning the Invisible War' as a part of our bible school curriculum in Monrovia, Liberia. These materials have enabled us to bring our Bible school students a balanced and in depth biblical approach to this topic.”

Dr. Michael Pangio
Founder & President, Abundant Ministries, Sharpsville, PA

“I have been searching for ages for an in depth study on the Armour of God and haven't been able to find anything nearly as exhaustive as your book.
Thank you so much!”

Pastor Mike

Newry Christian Centre, Newry, Northern Ireland

"It has been my privilege to critique your amazing and wonderful manuscript, The Armor of God. It is one of the finest studies that I have ever seen, and I commend your extensive efforts in putting it together. I found nothing in the study with which to disagree, and plenty to convict me. I did read the entire study and found it fascinating. I have studied the Ephesians passage for many years and yet I found many new insights in your material. Your appendices, illustrations, other charts, and supplemental materials are extremely helpful. There’s enough truth in this book to change the world!”

Gwen Ellis

Editor, WinePress Publishing

“David has produced a God-inspired labor of love. It is both practical and powerful with victory principles firmly rooted in God’s Word. I commend this book to you as one that can change your future.”

Dr. E. Dale Berkey, Ph.D.

President, Berkey, Brendel, & Sheline
Ministry Development Specialists

"At last! A practical in-depth manual about who our enemies really are and how to live victoriously over them. I’ve known David for many years and know that this work has been his passion. Your eyes will be opened!

Arlene Williams

Host of TV series, “At Home with Arlene Williams”

“Finally, a book that brings spiritual concepts down to a practical level. I used this study in my mid-week Bible class and found it to be insightful, thought provoking, and extremely relevant – a real treat for every child of God.”

Rev. Dennis K. Campbell

Senior Pastor, Praise Assembly of God Church, North Versailles, PA

“David Skeba is a man after God’s own heart. Like his namesake in the Bible, David has an unwavering passion for things of God and a deep understanding of the promises of God. His uncompromising commitment to communicate Biblical truth is evident on each page of this powerful work. This study guide will help you discover the secrets to unleashing your greatest strength and resource – the power of God at work within you. Each insight will bring you closer to an understanding of God’s master plan of victory for his army of saints. Unlock the treasures of God’s Word and find the power you need to be an overcomer everyday!”

Mark Dreistadt

President, Infinity Concepts

“Knowledge is power! This study will equip the believer to survive the spiritual warfare they will encounter when a decision is made to follow a Christ-centered lifestyle. This course ought to be required for every Christian – especially new believers”

Oleen Eagle

Former President, Cornerstone TeleVision Network

“Years of research and effort went into writing “The Armor of God.” May God use this great resource all over the world to help equip Christians to obtain victory in their battle with the powers of darkness in these last days!”

James F. Fitzgerald

Trustee/CEO, WatchWORD Productions

“Of all the books I’ve read so far on spiritual warfare, The Armor of God is the most comprehensive of them all. It is fully detailed with in-depth study and scripture references which can help both new believers and seasoned veteran believers as well.”

Rev. Will Olsen

Chaplain, Adams County Adult Correctional Complex, Gettysburg, PA

“Whenever any of my customers ask me for a resource on spiritual warfare or how to live a successful Christian life, I recommend this study. As believers, we are not taught enough about how to biblically overcome our enemies and stand firm in our walk with Christ. David has made this so easy to comprehend that this is a must buy. These lessons will forever change lives!”

Jewel Stonecypher

Manager, Major Christian retail store

“I really enjoyed the learning experience. Being a new believer, it helped me understand more about the Bible and how each day we have to make time to put God first in our lives and wage the ongoing invisible war around us.”

James Barron White

President, JBW & Associates, Spartanburg, SC

“The Armor of God influenced me significantly and expanded my acceptance and understanding of spiritual warfare. The power of this course is the consistent and persistent use of Scripture as its foundation. This study provides a depth of information that brings the reality of spiritual warfare within the grasp of everyone.

Michael Hurka

Controller, Green Key Books, Holiday, FL

“David has provided a comprehensive study of a much needed understanding of spiritual warfare by the Church today. This course will especially help prepare new believers for the spiritual journey they are about to take.”

Katie Burt

City Coordinator, Pittsburgh Prayer Network
PA State Coordinator, National Day of Prayer

“This is an absolute awesome book. It has opened my spirit mind and heart to see the spiritual world and the end days. This study has given me a better understanding of the Armour of God and is helping me 100%. Thanks heaps.”

Shannon Rauhihi

New Zealand

“It opened my eyes to see how I can live victoriously in a world so saturated with the enemy’s power and has enabled me to deal with life’s situations with God’s empowerment.”

Mary Anne

“This is basic training every Christian must have!! Having taken the course, I can tell you that the information presented in the DVD and workbook is priceless – rest assured, you will get more than your money’s worth with this study.”


“This Bible study does an excellent job of exposing the spiritual enemies we face and how to combat them with spiritual weapons.”


“By taking this course, I am more aware of Satan’s tricks and found more strength to fight him.”


“It helped me to see truth and gave me the tools to help me through tough times.”


“This book gave me the tools needed to see clearly with my heart what my human eyes could not see.”


“Every person should know these truths before they reach the twelfth grade!!”


This DVD series and workbook are the result of more than 30 years of research and seeking God by David Skeba. His collective experience in seminary, as pastor, on-air Bible teacher, author, and former VP of Programming for a national Christian television ministry has uniquely prepared him to speak and write on the subject of spiritual warfare.

David and his wife, Mary Anne, have been married for 25 years. An avid student of the Bible, he continues to search for effective ways to communicate God’s Word in simple, practical ways. More about David Skeba

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